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What You Need to Know When Considering Hip Arthroscopy in NY

active patient after undergoing hip arthroscopy in NYFor decades, the knee and shoulder were the primary focus of most discussions involving arthroscopy. However, hip arthroscopy has become more prevalent in recent years as technology and our understanding of the development of hip pathology have improved. This has lead to the development of specialized hip arthroscopy procedures and has created many new minimally invasive treatment options for patients suffering from hip pain, hip injuries and degenerative hip conditions.


In this blog, the hip specialists at NY Orthopedics’ Hip Center will explain what you should know when considering hip arthroscopy in NY and the reasons why this procedure may be recommended.


What’s Involved With Hip Arthroscopy?

Before addressing how hip arthroscopy can be used, it’s important to understand what this type of procedure involves. Put simply, arthroscopy allows a surgeon to see the inside of a joint by inserting a tiny camera through a small incision. Using the small camera, a surgeon is able to see everything within a joint in real time and with great detail. The camera transmits video to a large television screen so an orthopedic surgeon can visualize the inside of your joint, identify problems and use this information to either diagnose or treat your condition. One advantage of arthroscopically performed treatment is that repairs can be made with minimal trauma to surrounding tissue.


Common Reasons Hip Arthroscopy May Be Recommended

Hip arthroscopy may be recommended if you have a painful or debilitating condition that fails to respond to non-surgical treatments, including rest, physical therapy or joint injections. While hip injuries were once primarily a problem faced by elderly patients, today more and more young patients are experiencing hip issues. Fortunately, hip arthroscopy allows for a more accurate diagnosis and less invasive treatment option for many of these problems.


Here’s a look at some of the common reasons you may be advised to undergo a hip arthroscopy in NY.


Hip Injuries

Your hip is what is called a ball and socket joint. Your femur, or upper leg bone, has a round head that fits into a hollow in your pelvic bones called the acetabulum. Both ball and socket are covered with a slippery cartilage, which lets them slide easily across each other, and the entrance to the socket has a thick ring of cartilage that acts as a sort of gasket. The entire joint is covered by connective tissue. Arthroscopy may be the best option for repairing damage to any of these tissues caused by various types of hip injuries.


Femoroacetabular Impingement

In this condition, there is extra bone along the head and neck of the femur, along the rim of the acetabulum, or sometimes on both locations. This causes the bones to rub together or catch rather than gliding smoothly, and over time this can result in damage to the soft tissues or even osteoarthritis.


Hip Dysplasia

In hip dysplasia, the ball and socket of the joint don’t fit together properly. The socket may be too shallow, in the wrong position, or it may be misshapen. This causes undue stress and results in excessive wear and tear on the bones, cartilage, and other connective tissue.


Snapping Hip Syndrome

As the name suggests, if you have snapping hip syndrome, your hip snaps or pops when you move it. This is usually caused by a muscle or tendon sliding over one of the bony protrusions of your hip, but in some cases it may have a more serious cause such as an injury to the cartilage in your hip.



Synovitis is an inflammation of the synovium, the lining of the hip joint. It often occurs hand-in-hand with other hip problems.


Loose Bodies in the Joint

Loose bodies are pieces of material floating around in the joint. These may be bits of cartilage, bone chips, or even foreign objects. Loose bodies can occur for a variety of reasons, from osteoarthritis to fractures in which a piece of bone chips off and is trapped within the joint.


Hip Joint Infection

If you have an infection in your hip joint, arthroscopy to remove infected tissue may be part of the recommended treatment.


Advantages of Hip Arthroscopy

When performed by a trained specialist, hip arthroscopy offers many benefits over traditional surgery, including a lower risk of complications, shorter recovery period, and less scarring. Additionally, hip arthroscopy can often be done on an outpatient basis.


That being said, there are many hip conditions where nonoperative management and traditional surgery are still the preferred treatments. The surgeons at NY Orthopedics’ Hip Center are trained in nonsurgical management, traditional surgery and arthroscopic surgical procedures and will help guide you to the best treatment for your condition.


Schedule a Consultation for Hip Arthroscopy in NY

NY Orthopedics’ Hip Center is home to numerous fellowship-trained physicians dedicated to treating hip injuries and conditions. Our practice is a leading provider of hip arthroscopy in NY. With locations in Manhattan, Staten Island, Queens, Westchester County and Long Island, we’re accessible wherever you are so you can get the high quality care you deserve.


You don’t have to live with hip pain and discomfort. Schedule your consultation today to find out whether you’re a candidate for hip arthroscopy in NY.

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